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The Year 2019: The 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Poland and Japan.

100-years Poland-Japan

This year we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Poland and Japan. To greet the centennial anniverasry special program by Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI will be organized in Wroclaw. The culmination is scheduled for September in the form of three festivals:

> The Japanese Festival on the Slodowa Island "Nami Airando" | 31.08.2019 | Wyspa Słodowa
> Festiwal of the Japanse Culture "Nihon no Nami" | 6-8.09.2019 | Impart
> Japanese Martial Arts Festival "Nami Budō Matsuri" | 15-22.09.2019 | Sports Hall by Elementary School nr 84


As NAMI Foundation is an non-governmental organization with the special status of “Public Benefit Organization” every person who pays taxes in Poland can freely allocate 1% of his/her personal yearly income tax by indicating the State Economical Number (KRS) of NAMI Foundation in yearly tax declaration (PIT-form). The KRS number of NAMI Foundation is: 0000463568.

This year's donations will be fully allocated for celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between Poland and Japan.
In 2018 we have received 19 donations with total amount of 2448 PLN.

Thank you very much!

Contact us:

Fundacja Przyjaźni Polsko-Japońskiej NAMI (Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI)
ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wrocław

Main Organizer, Volunteers:
– Grażyna Pogorzelska: grazyna.pogorzelska@fundacja-nami.pl, mobile (+48) 784 694 592

Program, Media:
– Maciej Pogorzelski: maciej.pogorzelski@fundacja-nami.pl, mobile (+48) 502 796 050

Stands, Shops:
– Julian Górski: julian.gorski@fundacja-nami.pl, mobile (+48) 663 571 823

Support and Patronages:

The City of Wrocław:
Wydział Kultury – Departament Spraw Społecznych
Biuro Sportu i Rekreacji – Departament Spraw Społecznych

Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego
Strefa Kultury Wrocław

EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会 EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee

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